Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cervantino gems

Everyone I know who is living here has his, her own Cervantino.

As I type this in the Press Room for the Festival, I am working to the LOUD clicks of the UGto Folkdance troupe rehearsing just outside in the patio of the Meson San Antonio. I thought I would skip this event but in fact, having watched for awhile two nights ago, I´ll probably show up at the Alhondiga to see them when they perform Mon night the 9th at 8pm Get there an hour early for a free seat on the esplanade.

Speaking of free (gratis in Spanish), before I came to the Press Room today I went to Steve Lightner´s exhibit at the Galeria del Sol at #3 Calle del Sol. I've always wondered what Steve painted. Now I know. Recommended.

I went on to two official Cervantino exhibits, the paintings by Zacatecas artist Guardado, a coherent and interesting body of work filling many rooms in the Museo del Pueblo and then on to see work by Leonora Carrington who was honored by the Cervantino this year. Although she is best known for her paintings, I found the bronzes on display her most interesting work. I didn't know until later that she did the ones I saw after reaching the age of 85. A marvelous realistic hog and a fantasy blind crow-tree. A group of teenage boys found the crow-tree as fascinating as I did and noone said don't touch.

I'm about to go over to the Dieguino Museum under the San Diego Church, to see Lower Guanajuato as it used to be before the city was rebuilt at a higher level and also to see the exhibit there, a display of recent prints on the theme of the Aztec skull rack.

I almost forgot to mention the exhibit at the State Congress Building in Plaza de la Paz, beaded figures about the size of Kachina dolls, funny, obscene, imaginative, true art that had almost everyone talking, not just looking.

Other free events coming up: bagpipers in the streets, street theatre at Pastitos, and three movie series, British (at noon in the university's Cine Club), international (movie theatre near San Javier at 3) and Mexican films outdoors on the UGTO steps at 8.

Who says you have to empty the mint to enjoy the Cervantino?

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