Monday, March 10, 2014

Along the Street: Two Ways to Keep Cool Along the Guanajuato Streets

The tepache vendor is out in Pastita, at the corner nearly across from the Plaza de la Fuente.

Tepache,  is made of from pineapple, sugar, cinnamon and water, then allowed to ferment slightly. Less alcoholic than a beer, it's the most refreshing drink I know. A large size costs $10, larger $20. If you know other places in the city where tepache is sold, please leave your comment. UPDATE: I hear he's now moved his business in front of the Encino recreation center,the complex that includes the English language library.

The other pause that refreshes
I'm a fan of Mexican sherbets and ice cream in its many flavors: zapote, mamey, elote (corn), limon, fresa (sherbet or icecream), to name a few. Mantecado (a relative of rum raisin), thumbs up; chocolate only mas o menos. 

When the folks from Oaxaca sell their wares in the Casa de Moneda, I make a beeline for fig-tequila ice cream. By the way the artist Jose Chavez Morado used to go with his driver over the sierra to Dolores Hidalgo but I don't know his favorite flavor among the many sold at the Jardin there.

He sells his fresh fruit ice cream during the daylight hours