Monday, October 23, 2006

Grey Sky over Guanajuato

It's the day after Cervantino 34 and what a festival it was! My favorites events were theatre -- Ubu Roi (UK, Dundee Rep) and Hamlet (a joint Mexico-Colombia production in Spanish), the dance events Zero Degrees (also brought by the UK but with Mideast and European roots) and Aavishkar from India, the two concerts featuring work by Shostakovich (Festival Strings Lucerne & Trio Continuum, and four films, This Sporting Life and The Language of Cranes from Britain and films from France (L'Esquive) and Italy (El Bano Turko). I also dropped in on several art exhibits, most of which will probably continue a while into November, except for Mondays. I especially liked Tzompantli, modern prints of skulls arranged as a pre-conquest skull rack, at the Museo Dieguino next to the San Diego Church at one end of the Jardin and the sculptures by Leonora Carrington at the Casa Museo Diego Rivera. And art fans, the black & white prints by old and new European master artists from Durer to Chagall in the Chavez Morado Museum (near the center of Silao) is well worth the twenty-mnute trip.

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