Friday, June 29, 2007

Hidalgo Treats Arrive in Guanajuato

As a foodie and budget traveler, I indulged frequently in pastes (pronounced as two syllables) when I visited Pachuca in Hidalgo, the mining center where men from Cornwall kept up their habit of eating pastry-wrapped lunches. Over the years, the fillings have changed from the meat, carrot, peas of Cornwall to Mexican versions like frijoles, pineapple, potato, chicken tinga and mole.

In Guanajuato, Fernando Chavez and Cristina Naveda have opened "El Hidalguense," their specialized bakery-little restaurant at #29 Sangre de Cristo, the street leading up to Embajadoras Market. The shop will be open six days a week, the particular day of rest not yet decided. Pastes sell for six pesos apiece, the same price as a tostada de ceviche and a little less than an ice cream cone. I walked in with my new camera just when Cristina was opening the oven door. That's Fernando looking on.

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