Saturday, February 17, 2007

Two Strikeouts and Two Rides

Thursday wasn't my night. First, I started out late to hear a prizewinning woman activist talk about human rights in Mexico. I took a cab to the address I'd been given but it looked like a private house when I was expecting the Women's Institute (Instituto de la mujer). The house looked very shut, nothing happening. I asked the wrong question, Is this the Institute? and was told no. So I kept asking about the Women's Institute, which turned out to be almost a wild goose chase. Ni modo, I was seeing a neighborhood I didn't know). Finally I arrived at the Institute where I found out nothing was happening there but was offered ride #1 to my house.

The night was still young so I followed my plan of going downtown to an organ concert in the Basilica celebrating the 450th anniversary of the Virgin there. I arrived in time but all I saw were a few people praying. I tried the Church of the Compania (sorry my "nya" isn't working) with the same result. I went into the Pinguis Restaurant to ask if they had the Chopper magazine so I could see where the concert was. The owner didn't have the magazine but told me the concert had been canceled.

So, after checking to see what was happening in the French Film Festival (nothing, it is only four nights a week), I started walking home and once again was offered a ride, this time by a woman who lives up the street from me. Turns out she and a nephew share a car, each have keys, and they park it in a street along the way. So what can I say? I suppose that something is almost always happening in the city, that I need to ask the right question, besides I should reread the invitation before I go on my way, that insights into the local life come at unexpected times.

I later learned that I had been to the right address for the human rights talk, which turned out to be sponsored by an organization, not by the official Instituto de la Mujer. And ni modo, it started forty minutes late so I would have been on time after all.


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