Friday, June 08, 2007

Eightish on a Rainy Evening

I went downtown last night for Barbara GardiƱo's opening at the Museo del Pueblo. The bus took a detour through the set of tunnels that come out near Dos Rios but I was able to get off just above the Alameda. Walking down toward the Baratillo I realized once again how pleasant it is to be on a less jazzy street than usual when many Guanajuatenses are strolling or doing errands. By the time I reached the museum, I was already relaxed and ready to look at Barbara's prints and chat with several friends. Then I headed out the door where to my surprise it was raining. Just a drizzle (here called llovizna, softer than lluvia . People were still out strolling in their regular clothes, no worries, in the warm evening.

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