Thursday, June 14, 2007

If you're looking for Pan Integral

There's no mistaking the aroma signaling a tortilleria that makes tortillas from masa (cornmeal dough), but to find whole wheat bread, head for La Infancia on Calla Alonso where you'll find hot-dog shaped fluffy rolls, La Purisima near the Hidalgo Market offering a denser variety in round and long shapes, or for the whole wheat loaves on sale daily at El Abue Restaurant just above the Baratillo. At a bakery, pick up a tray and tongs when you enter, take as long as you want to choose,, carry the tray to the pricer who also bags your purchases, and pay at the cash register. The Mexican women I see in the evening buying for breakfast end up with a tray of mixed sweet tolls (pan dulces) shown here. I tried to use a Picture contributed by visiting New York art historian/writer/photographer Rob Meadows-Rogers. Thanks, Rob, for taking time from photographing doorways to take the image but there were technical troubles. I took this photo with my new camera.

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