Thursday, May 15, 2008

Restaurant Update

El Burladero is looking for a new location. Meanwhile, alas, it's closed. For its fans, this nostalgia photo.

Cafe de la Presa, just beyond the Governor's Building, has reopened after remodeling and maintains its reasonable price for a set comida, generous portions.

El Midi (Mediterranean buffet owned and micromanaged by Veronique who has lived in Mexico for many years) in San Fernando offers outdoor and indoor tables. Charges 11 pesos per each 100 grams. Sometimes soup is available but always hearty and light salads, delicious desserts, and what may be the best aguas in town.

Las Cruces in Sangre de Cristo features a comida that starts with a delicious soup, then on to the other choices. Not expensive. Go early as it's popular with students. Pro: the decorated walls Con: tuning out the traffic noise

La Fonda Antigua, near Bancomer. The awning is clearly visible but you have to wind your way inside the building. Terrace and indoor dining, quiet music. Simple, dependable comida corrida. Attentive service.

El Abue, in the Baratillo, a little more expensive but not much. Booths and wooden tables, excellent location. Expensive at night.

I continue to like La Torta de Sancho Panza, nearly opposite the Casa de Diego Rivera. Good, inexpensive Guanajuato food. Popular with students. Open Saturdays as well as weekdays, go early for a seat during the week.

Moderate prices: Sabor y Arte. Marfil; Mexico Bonito y Lindo (or is it Sabroso?), Paseo de la Presa, opposite the Governor's Building; the restaurant opposite the Post Office downtown, bland, somewhat international food but a quiet, classy place. There is a new Italian restaurant reported to have a range of tasty choices up near the glorieta Santa Fe (toward the bus station) and another that I think is in San Fernando Plaza, also a new Japanese-Mexican restaurant with Japanese owners up from that plaza.

A San Miguel friend has told me about good, authentic Thai food in Dolores Hidalgo about six blocks from the main plaza there, open well into the evening.

Enjoy, enjoy!

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