Sunday, October 26, 2008

Absorbing the International Cervantino Festival

Big decisions . . . Seventeen days of cultural events from twenty-six countries, everything from contemporary string music to huge ceramic horses, besides a workehop on the delectable Campeche dishes based on seafood and coconut, a lighthearted, satiric dance company from Barcelona, imaginative exhibits like the one of oldfashioned Mexican toys and another devoted to the life and works of the irreverent Mexican writer Jorge Ibarguoitia and another to old-fashioned Mexican toys, large photos in the tunnels, chamber music concerts like the joint event featuring Guanajuato and Barcelona musicians, giant insects over the heads of the crowd at Pastitos gathered for street theatre, Latin American jazz and rock groups . . . and much more from the two dozen countries participating. Just the thing for culture vultures living in Mexico or beyond.

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