Sunday, February 01, 2009

New shop with bright purses from Guatemala

I was in the center of town today when I bumped into my friends Ana and Mike. Ana, who is from Guatemala, told me they had just been in a new shop featuring articles from her home country. I wasn't long in going to see if I might be able to buy a neck pouch there. The shop is across from Templo San Fernando between SopeƱa and the bottom of the Campanero, meaning a five minute walk at most from the Jardin. Lots of well'made bright colored woven shoulder strap bags, in fact many kinds of purses, other woven items and, yes, neck pouches. Owners Gisell Iriorte and Cesar Rodriguez, whose roots are Pure'pecha, have named the shop IRETERI but all the goods are from Mexico's southern neighbor.

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