Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A 10th Coffeehouse and 2 teahouses in Guanajuato

El Cafetin, between the San Francisco Church and the Museo Iconografico has outdoor and indoor seating, bagels as well as coffee, and some evenings hosts literary events. For a list describing nine other coffeehouses, see my article at www.associatedcontent.com. The warm sunny weather now is perfect for walking around and sampling.

Two teahouses I like are El Lechon Ilustrado and La Vida sin Ti. You'll find El Lechon on Cantaritos, a callejon to the right of the San Roque church, opens at 1pm, closes around 10. Going uphill it's on the left, nearly to Positos. La Vida sin Ti is at the foot of Sangre de Cristo beneath the Bar Fly and serves food too. Opens in the morning, stays open until at least 10pm. Both places serve leaf tea.

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