Friday, June 24, 2011

First news of this year's International Cervantino Festival (FIC) program

Tuesday was the day Guanajuato residents were waiting for - the announcement of this year's Cervantino which will run from October 12-30. The ambassadors of the invited countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland to Mexico were on the podium as was the governor of Nayarit , the invited state. This year's event has as an ecological theme "The Gifts of Nature" threading through some offerings.Believe me, the Swedish ambassador with her blonde hair and long lets stood out as much as Ayla did in the movie version of Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear.

I'm especially looking forward to the Mexico-US co-production of Daniel Catan's opera Il Postino, based on Skarmeta's popular novel about Pablo Neruda and his mailman. Russia will bring two standout events, the St. Petersburg Symphony and a theater troupe performing Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, with the director giving two public lectures as well. Miguel Rios will sing at the closing event at the Alhondiga.

As always there will be more jazz, dance, classical, pop and world music, and indoor and street theater from a host of countries than any one festival-goer can attend. Events at the Alhondiga are free (a season ticket for chairs at the front can be purchased) as are the art events, movies and street theater. Tickets for other events are for sale at the ticket office (taquilla) on the left side of Teatro Juarez and through Ticketmaster. Stay tuned for more information

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