Thursday, May 10, 2012

International Cervantino Festival program presented early

Tuesday just before dusk, eager Guanajuatenses filled the main floor and lower balconies of Teatro Juarez, where they sat through a half dozen official speeches, watched the projected names of events followed by a supersonic video of the performers, and at the end rushed outside to eat the succulent seafood snacks provided by the invited state, Mazatlan. Our mayor, perhaps for fear of mispronouncing the name of Mme. Polish Ambassador to Mexico, skipped mentioning her entirely, but otherwise the affair went off without a hitch. The other honored countries Switzerland and Austria. I give top marks for oratory to our own governor's planned and impromptu remarks and the governor of the honored state, Sinaloa (think Mazatlan), who spiced his talk with vigor and humor, waking everyone up.

Tickets are already on sale daily at the ticket office on the left side of Teatro Juarez.

Later, I'll be posting my take on selected Cervantino events (October 3-21), will mention for now that you can see the complete program including updates by clicking FIC. This year's 40th anniversary will offer an almost overwhelming array of performers, etc. with something for every taste and monedero. 

Word has it that season tickets for the Alhondiga have been eliminated this year but there may be offers for tickets to the Minas / Salon de Consejo (chamber music).