Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cervantno Day 5: Everyday life goes on during the Festival of the Spirit

Sirttng near the University building, this man and his dog. Ani has San Bernard features, snapped at me when I came close to take her picture. The other photos show a peaceable but fervent demonstration in Plaza de la Paz against the proposed educational reform and a vendor who is nearly finished with arranging the tunas into piles..

i took these photos on my way back to the Press Room. Earlier, First, I went to a favorite venue, the Salon de Consejo in the University Building to hear bassist Oscar Argumedo and pianist Jacobo Cerda play barroque-style music, pieces from the Romantic era and jazz. In the program notes, I learned that conductor Serge Koussevitsky´s instrument was the double bass. Happy players, happy audience, worth the climb..

At night, I went to Verdi Gala in Teatro Juarez, where I was fortunate in having a seat where I could hear and see well. But after my long day, I decided to head  home at the intermission.

For the highlight of my day, read the adjacent post about Daniel Viglietti's concert in Puerto de Valle near Salamanca.