Thursday, March 05, 2015

Guanajuato to Celebrate el Día internacional de la mujer Sunday, March 8

Head for the Jardin on International Woman's Day, always a lively scene.

You will see the tables set up under the trees where women have come into town to sell their wares. I always head for the jam at the table set up by the Santa Rosa Women's Cooperative. By the way, it's doing very well these days, thanks for a partnership with a Mexican business that buys much of what it produces, but they will still change your pesos into jam or wine.

By the way I'm also a fan of the goat cheese a woman sells Thursday and Sunday mornings outside the Mercado Hidalgo (left side looking toward the entrance.) Unpasteurized, but I've never had any problem, although I have with the cheese she sells made from cow's milk.

postscript: Turns out the big hit of the day was the Guanajuatense singing group, Hijas de la Guayaba, who performed son at a special concert at El Museo del Pueblo. The chapel was full and the music captivating, some of it accompanied by dancing. What a group of accomplished women--and music is only their avocation!. .
Three Hijas backed by Chavez Morado's mural

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