Thursday, May 24, 2007

Meeting friends along the street

Today I met three friends along the street and another one I hadn't seen for a long time when I went into a coffeehouse for a decaf. The cafe was out of decaf but the principal bass violist of the Symphony was there eating lunch. We hadn't seen each other for so many weeks he was surprised I had let my hair grow out.

Then I bumped into a friend who teaches English for the university. That was good luck too as I could ask her opinion about the reward/difficulty ratio of starting a small business in Guanajuato. I'm not planning to go into business but recently received an inquiry from someone who had read my articles on the site. I'm glad I followed up by asking my friend, who had personal experience of being a partner in a business in Jalissco. Our bottom lines were the same but now I know more about the way things work in Mexicos.

Then, closer to home, I stopped into the shop my friend Lulu has (well that's not meeting her by chance along the street but I was on the street by chance, I usually walk a different way) where we had a lively time comparing recent trips within Mexico.

I was almost home when I saw a woman I know whose husband died two weeks ago. I stopped to dar pesame, express my sympathy, much better than slipping a note under the door.

Walking along the street is a pleasure in Guanajuato, with its painted buildings, outdoor market and parks, but I especially treasure the likelihood of the unexpected encounters still possible here.

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