Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Walking the upper part of Paseo de la Presa

I did this today because I had an errand in that direction. The Presa itself is unimpressive but the park just before it is lovely and peaceful with many benches under the trees and lily plants everywhere you look. If you keep walking beyond the kiosk, you will see Capelo's ceramic plaque commemorating novelist Jorge Ibarguengoitia.

I like the neighborhood before the park too. The folks at Ciber Paseo Internet & Copies are there from 9 to 9, with a knowledgeable tekkie there until 3. You'll find a papeleria at the back. You'll also find an Isseg pharmacy up that way and many other little shops. Just past the Governor's Palace if you're ready for a meal (less than 45 pesos) or an ice-cream cone, try the pleasant Cafe de la Presa with its red tables. Lunch only, starting at 2:30. Salad bar, fixed plate comida, and hefty sandwiches.

By Guanajuato standards, the neighborhood is relatively new. I think the Paseo dates back only 200 years.

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