Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beer & Culture in Guanajuato

Cervantino35 has come and gone and I'm the better for its coming. For eight years, I've enjoyed my immersion in hish=quality cultural events brought from Africa, Asia, and Europe for the Mexican elite. Some pop events in the Alhondiga, open to all at no cost except going early for a seat, are fine too when the sound system isn't set to blast level. The partying done by throngs of young people in the streets only happens Friday night into Sunday morning, leaving Sunday afternoon until Friday for Culture and ordinary life.

For anyone who thinks Guanajuato is mainly festivals, pretty painted facades and enjoying life in San Fernando Plaza, I've included the photo about life as it is lived most of the time by most of the people here. If I thought the budget cut announced for next year's Cervantino budget would mean more funds for improving primary education, I'd be for it.

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