Saturday, October 27, 2007

Several Cervantino Photos (& please read the post below too)

Everyone I know who goes to the Cervantino shakes the kaleidoscope a different way. The man deliberating in front of the posted Cervantino schedule, well that's half of what the Cervantino's about. I didn't take my own photos at the big events like the National Ballet of China or the opera Orfeo by Monteverdi staged by a hero of mine, Jonathan Miller.

All my senses were working at the workshop on Chinese cooking where the chef is shown with his interpreter, a man from the People's Republic of China who works for the Asian Marketing Division of Bimbo, but I've had trouble placing the photo where I want it. The chef, who mads cooking look like ballet, heads up the cooking staff at the Chinese Embassy in Mexico City. That's Esther Boles of Guanajuato interpreting for Dulcinea Langfelder, a Canadian actress who can mimic spanish better than she understands it. Circolio had audiences laughing wherever they went.

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