Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ice Cream & Two More Tried and True Restaurants

I buy my cone from the vendors on Paseo de la Presa.

Truco 7, a Guanajuato favorite with Mexicans and foreigners alike, is a good place to go when you're not in a hurry. The harried waiters are always rushing but even so the service is slow, at least by Morthamerican standards. After all, Mexicans are there for morning coffee (11-1) or to share a meal (2-4) with family or friends.

I'm not a fan of the comida there but I like their chicken sandwich on a roll, perhaps accompanied by lemonade. Or the chicken Florentine, enchiladas or beef dishes. If you arrive at a busy time, you'll need to sit in the waiting room a while even thought Truco has at least four dining rooms.

To my mind, the food at Sabor y Arte but the service is still good. Another restaurant with the sane owner is Las Cruces on Sangre de Cristo. The comida there includes some of the best soup in town. The comida casera (home cooking) is popular with students. Best to go early, about two.

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