Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tried and True Restaurant Favorite

La Carreta on the main street near Plaza de Los Angeles is known for its chicken roasted over a wood fire but If you're bored with the usual Guanajuatos lettuce and tomato, know that they serve a creditable cole slaw. You can even ask for a plate of slaw without the chicken. Copies of old Mexican photos on the walls. A casual place popular with families.

I keep forgetting to mention Truco 7 on the street of the same name between the Baratillo and the Basilica. Facing the Basilica, it's the street to the right. Sometimes a wait, especially at comida time 2-4. From 11-1, my favorite time there, it's also a busy place when many Mexicans sit over coffee with their friends.

At Truco 7 I'm not a fan of the usual comida menu. A la carte is more likely to satisfy, whether a chicken sandwich on a roll accompanied by a limonada made with agua mineral. Or consider the Florentine chicken, enchiladas or a beef dish. Truco has at least four dining rooms. The waiters rush about but because they are responsible for many tables, service is slow. Go when you can take your time, the service is slow. Has a loyal Mexican and foreign following. Prices moderate.

Earlier, I've recommended Sabor y Arte but I think the standard there has fallen. Another restaurant with the same owner but a different cook and menu is Las Cruces on Sangre de Cristo. The comida includes some of the best soup in town. Go early, meaning around two. Often closed on Mondays. A good place to try typical Mexican cooking. Usually has a vegetarian option. Inesxpensive.

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