Thursday, September 10, 2009

Four Tasty Treats

Although sometimes this blog suggests that my Guanajuato life consists mainly of eating, that isn't true. It's just that I like to head visitors in Guanajuato to places where I think they'll eat well.
First on my list today is Truco 7, an old standby on calle Truco between the Jardin and Plaza de la Paz. Their comida is nothing special but I love (not too strong a word) their chicken sandwich, a roll filled with breast meat complemented by tomato, avocado, and a chile, removable if you're so inclined. Truco is very pleasant evenings and late mornings, the latter a popular time with university people wanting a cuppa.

Another Mexican restaurant I like is El Cerro de las Ranas on the right side of Juan Valle going toward Positos and the tunnel. It is becoming increasingly popular with Guanajuatenses so I recommend arriving before three. Dark green walls, high ceiling, efficient service for a meal that often goes beyond the usual Guanajuato restaurant fare. Today I started with chicken soup containing pieces of chicken instead of carrots and chayote, a memorable three color salad of layers of beet, jicama and carrot, a large torta of acelgas or chard in guajillo sauce (a mild tasty pepper) and as the postre, a small buñuelo or elephant ear. Agua de fruta or natural included. 40 pesos.

Four my birthday, I ordered a French chocolate cake from Veronique at La Midi in San Fernando plaza and shared it with friends. There's no need to order a whole cake though. You can cut whatever you-sized slice you want and pay by the weight.

At 6pm, I went to an art opening at the Olga Costa Museum in the white-walled gallery with white marble floors across from the older part of the museum. The paintings and installation by three Spanish women show to advantage there. They will remain for about a month. Yes, along with the interesting art there was finger-food for the occasion, antojitos from Corcho d'baco, which now has a new semi-upscale salad restaurant in a building with several galleries and shops in the Campanero (on the way to Sangre de Cristo from the main street). You order upstairs but can eat your salad in the patio if you like.

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