Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Huitlachoche -- The Time Is Now

We've had several heavy rains in Guanajuato recently so I wasn't surprised that Sunday I saw huitlacoche sold being sold by a sidewalk vendor. This is the grey-black fungus that grows on corn on the cob in the rainy season. If you don't say yuck to mushrooms, it's worth a try, either at home or from the quesadilla and gordita seller at the foot of the Alameda. The huitlacoche and remaining corn kernels are cut from the cob, then sauteed in a tomato, garlic, onion mixture that has been prepared first. I wish I'd taken a photo before I sat down to eat. You can buy huitlachoche on the cob near Mercado Hidalgo, along the street leading into Calle Alondiga, and sometimes from women selling outside the Embajadoras Market.

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