Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life isn't always simple in Mexico

Three weeks ago I bought a ticket through Paypal to hear Sandra Cisneros speak at the writers conference in San Miguel de Allende on March 19.  She is the well-known author of The House on Mango Street and a favorite of mine for her more recent novel Caramelo.

Then this week I went to the Banco del Bajio to pay for a ticket to the opera Nixon in China being transmitted in high-deifinition TV to the Cultural Forum in Leon. I assumed the date would be the 12th, but only found out when I called the Cultural Forum for my seat number that, only for this performance, Mexican showings will be, you guessed it, the 19th. Ah well, I think I will find someone who wants to hear Sandra. A hard decision for me to make but I'm curious about John Adams' opera based on this event in my life time and besides want to see the new, spectacular theater at the Cultural Forum.

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