Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cervantino Day 14: open rehearsal of Bach's St. John's Passion - the musical summit of this year's Festival?

That's my tennis shoe in the aisle/FIC41 Claudia Reyes
I went to the open rehearsal of Bach's work today, with Horacio Franco leading the Cappella Barroca. Franco, one of the world's leading recorder players, founded and directs the early music group of instrumentalists and singers. Bach has been in the wings for most of this year's Festival, with the spotlight on Verdi and Wagner.

I was not the only person listening to this magnificent music sung in the original German (tomorrow night there will be Spanish supertitles).As part of the La comunidad al Cervantino program, residents of several towns in the state came by bus to hear this soaring piece of religious music and witness the amount of polishing an orchestral-concert requires..

The other instrumentalists were on Franco's left

The audience broke into applause after hearing the female soloist. The men singing the evangelist, Jesus and another male part also have beautiful voices.

Franco is an intense, active conductor, much more than is evident in these photos. He even went toward the back of the Compania several times to see how the music sounded from there, then dashed back to the podium. Wearing tight jeans and earrings, he used sweeping gestures that I couldn't catch, but for sure tomorrow night the women will be dressed up and he and the other men wearing tailcoats..
Mama and child listening quietly