Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 13: Astad Deboo's Dance Troupe (India); Comala in the Principal

FIC41 photo/ Claudia Reyes
I didn't know the boss was so agile
 After seeing these Asstad Daboo dancers at their photo op, Jose of the Press Room gave it a try.

A static moment in Comala
FIC41 photo/Claudia Reyes
At six o'clock, in the Principal, the audience saw Clmala, a staged version based on Juan Rulfo's novel.
Pedro Paramo. The work was billed as a staged cantata. In fact, Zohn was a2011 finalist for the music. But for me, the work was notable as physical theatre, enacting the horror of the voices, with the group PUSH doing the honors and Bent Frequency the acting.

As a cast member said afterward, Comala is the kind of work that's hard to classify. So much for the old time genres. Comala is available as a CD. I'd be curious to hear it as a stand alone work, instead of considering the music highlights as I'm accustomed to assume as an avid moviegoer.