Monday, November 25, 2013

Morelia Music Festival: Mario Ivan Martinez, an Actor for All Ages

Martinez was beaming his show at the Festival to the children but of course their parents came too for this free concert introducing Mozart (as a puppet) and the instruments of a symphony orchestra (through his duo with Tubby the Tuba). Fun for everyone, just as Martinez planned, and now the kids will know more next time they see a band parading or attend an orchestra concert or hear music composed by Mozart.

Martinez talking with Tubby in Spanish
I've seen Martinez in action. He knows how to appeal to children with stories that hit home for them (for example, Tubby's sorrow at never being asked to play a solo until . . . )

Martinez told reporters straightforwardly that he doesn't want people to think he gives concerts for children because he can't get other work. In fact, he performs in Mexico City every week in Diario of a loco (Nicolai Gogol), a monologue with a much more somber theme. . .

Conoces a Wolfi?
What is the sound of hundred of hands clapping? If you were at the free concert, part of the Festival's effort to appeal to varied audiences, you know it's at least as loud as Tubby.