Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guanajuato Byways: Passing the Guadalupe Mine on the Way to Santa Ana

I went with a friend in his truck to his country home near Santa Ana, one of Guanajuato's outlying communities. Along the way, close to Valenciana, we passed the imposing wall of the 16th century Guadalupe mine rearing up to the right. It is a majestic sight that served the practical purpose of protecting the mine's silver from outsiders. If the word awesome hadn't lost its freshness, I would use it.

Karen and Jerry's photo of the Guadalupe mine
The final kilometer of the road to to the couple's house had the truck shaking on the rutted road but got us to our destination above the main town of Santa Ana.

On the way home, several of us watched a boy leaving food for his burro. Definitely a day of contrasts.

But before that, on the back veranda, I couldn't resist the contrast of the sophisticated bonsai plant against a far reaching view of sky, hill and presa. According to the owner, the water in the reservoir is unusual for this time of year.

That's the Presa de Soledad beyond the bonsai