Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guanajuato Writer: Pablo Paniagua To Present His Most Recent Novel in Mexico City March 20

As always, Pablo Paniagua writes to entertain. That is why I love to read his books. They are a reminder that reading needn't be a serious task but can go down as easily.as a spoonful of honey. His latest, Nadine, falls somewhere between erotica and pornography. As I have only read two pages so far, I can't tell you exactly where it lies. I can only say I'm sure to keep keep reading.

Writer-artist Pablo designed the cover for his first novel
Pablo Paniagua, born in Spain but now after living in Mexico for more than twenty years, is a  patient fellow who was willing to start an independent press to be published. Now his books are flourishing, published in both Spain and Mexico. His new novel, Nadine, was a best-seller at the Guanajuato booth at a major book fair in Mexico City this spring.

Before Nadine, Paniagua came out with The Lost Novel by Borges, a short novel with a special appeal for Guanajuato readers. The book begins in Spain but soon the two students arrive in our city, where before long they think they know where to find the manuscript of the only novel Jorge Luis Borges ever or never wrote. I found it a treat to see Guanajuato through European eyes, besides reading his updated version of the legendary local method of entering clandestinely through a neighbor's roof.

Paniagua's first novel EXEX (subtitled la mujer del bigote / The Women with a Mustache) already shows this writer's readers what to expect of him. Served up in Paniagua's smooth style, it is as a thriller set in New York City with. As always with writer, sex and violence are treated lightly (think James Bond, not Hemingway.

These short novels are only available in the original Spanish. El Sotano is carrying them in Coyoacan, Mexico City. If I find out they're on sale here, I'll update the post.