Monday, November 25, 2013

Morelia Music Festival: Gamelan and gastronomy at the end

I only heard the last notes played by the Mexican gamelan group who performed in the free extra event after the official closing. The dozen musicians, trained by Javanese and Balinese teachers, played both Indonesian and Mexican tunes on their complete set of instruments. The typical flower offerings were at the front of the stage close to the audience, the musicians behind them.

An Armenian pastry I could find on the internet
Besides the musicians, only a few of them shown, twenty-some food vendors had stalls to sell snacks from countries whose musicians had played during the 25 years of the Festival.
During a break, I made my way through other hordes of similar-minded people bent on getting to the food stalls or eating what they had snagged. This photo must have been taken earlier or later!
I tried the Morelian apple strudel from Austria (heavier than I expected) but the Armenian nomul, a small round sweet pastry filled with nuts was a winner. As soon as I reached home, I looked for it on the internet, but no luck.