Sunday, March 02, 2014

Guanajuato Spring: first jacaranda blossoms sighted

If A.E. Housman had grown up in Mexico instead of England, the chances are he would have written about jacaranda blossoms instead of cherries. I always look forward to this season when the jacarandas bloom on the Guanajuato hills and along the upper part of Paseo de la Presa.

I remember sucking in my breath when I first saw these trees on a short street in Mexico City. And yesterday for the first time this year when I saw a young tree blossoming at the foot of either Sangre de Cristo or the Campanero I felt as Housman did, that 'fifty years' are not enough to see this Mexican image of spring.
Believe it or not, I'm allergic to the pollen of this beautiful tree
but, hey, they're worth it