Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bunuelos and coconut cream: two Guanajuato street foods

A walk along Calle Alhondiga offers up the splendors of Mexican street food, one of them being these enticing fried bunuelos de viento.  The ones on the right are covered with sugar, the ones on the left are plain. A tasty snack I can only have the strength to resist when I know I'm on my way to a meal. You'll find the bunuel women on the same side as the suburbano bus stop on the way to Avenida Juarez. I'm curious how they are made but haven't asked yet.

This afternoon, I also saw this rider in Pastita who ignored the No Parking sign while he cooled off with a coconut cream. Coconut water, poured into a plastic bag after your own personal coconut is cracked open is sold farther down at Embajadoras Park. Fewer calories, costs 5 pesos more.