Thursday, March 06, 2014

Putting on the Dog in Guanajuato

Too bad you can't see his owner's smile
I stopped to ask the owner about her shaggy dog, but didn't think to ask its gender of this English shepherd. A couple of minutes before the pooch was skittering on the marble surface of the Jardin but then recovered his poise.

Below: what better way of human-human/human-dog bonding than a Sunday walk along Sopena?.

And even farther down:
I don't know their breed, do you?

The beagles out-foxed me, couldn't get them both in sight
Any Sunday, any hour, any circumstance works for Guanajuatenses to walk their prized pets. This man, his two beagles (yes, two) and the golden retriever just made their way down torn-up Sangre de Cristo.