Monday, July 07, 2014

Opening of the Dam at the Presa de la Olla (La Apertura)

Today I was one of the happy throng on a bus going up Paseo de la Presa. Especially in a wet year this is a happy, happy day for Guanajuatenses. 
A bench with a view of the water rushing out
First I did the obligatory walk past the stalls lining the walkway, thinking about what I would eat on my way back. Then I heard the sound of the water going over the dam. I didn’t trouble to ask whether the event actually started on time or whether it was set to start earlier than I thought. I was happy to be there; it didn't matter.
A favorite thirst-quencher

Afterward walking home down Paseo de la Presa, a route I don’t take often since moving to another neighborhood, I stopped by two new restaurants to check out their offerings, took several candid photos, and kept sipping at the plastic glass of tepache (fermented pineapple drink) I had bought at one of the stalls. I had already eaten a gordita de nata (tasty raised hotcake) and was carrying a six-sided blue and white dish I plan to use for peanuts.

I also saw two friends I hadn't seen for awhile as I was walking back. Silvia mentioned she had heard me read the Pacheco poem (see my other blog  Julian asked, “You’re coming from the Apertura?” I guess he knows I have eclectic tastes, as likely to go to imbibe popular as well as high culture.
Let's face it, cockroaches come into almost everyone's house at this time of year. 

The Apertura takes place the last day of the two-week-long San Juan Festival. Yesterday I bought herbs, mint, lavender, and flat-leaf parsley, at the annual plant sale. I have my own way of dealing with cucarachas.