Saturday, April 26, 2014

Guanajuato Museums: In The Gene Byron, Songs of Love and Loss

Renee Bouthot (soprano), Susan Hammond (piano) and Djamilia Rovinshaia (viola) started the afternoon of March 23 with Canadian folk songs by way, moved on to a modern arrangement of Sephardic songs sung in their original language, Ladino, and went on to German lieder and a heartrending selection of of Gershwin songs. Both
Renee singing before a full house. Photo from El Correo  
Canadian musicians have had impressive careers, with  Bouthot founding The Ginger Group, a women's trio that specializes in Canadian music, their songs available on a CD, Hammond is known throughout Canada for her radio program Classical Kids as well as for performing on the piano. Rovinskaia is the first violist of our symphony orchestra.
Wine and conversation afterward:Miriam Uriarte with Araujo father-son duo