Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cervantino Day 18: Kiss and Cry

I've never seen anything like it and find it hard to put into words what Jeffrey Gantz' of The Boston Globe has already done so well:

"What you see is a film that is screened as it is being shot. Everything is reduced in size, as if reduced by memory. At either end of the stage are miniature sets on long tables, with miniature creatures and people. Downstage center, a toy train runs on an oval track surrounding half-timbered houses and a church. The train has tiny cameras inside, so that when you look at the screen at the back of the stage, you feel you’re on board, rushing toward love, or away from it. Throughout the evening, your attention is torn between the making of the film, as the ensemble runs around wielding cameras and manipulating sets, and the film itself.
Many miniature landscapes were even smaller
The dancing is done by the hands of De Mey and Grégory Grosjean. Their fingers act as legs, naked and seductive, individually expressive. They mime a beating heart, a swimmer, a tarantula. They make love; sometimes it looks more like sexual assault. They ice skate. (The show takes its name from the “kiss and cry” area, where figure skaters sit and await their scores.)

Kiss & Cry

Cutler Majestic TheatreBoston617-824-8400.http://www.artsemerson.org
Conceived by Michèle Anne De May and Jaco Van Dormael
Eric Schaeffer
Other Credits:
Choreography, Michèle Anne De Mey and Gregory Grosjean, Sound, Dominique Warnier
Presenting organizations:
Date closing:
Saturday, Oct. 12
Ticket price:
$25 to $89


Most of all, they touch.

The score ranges from Handel’s “Lascia ch’io pianga” to . . ."

Thank you, Jeffrey! For me, much of the enchantment came through the reversal in scale, with the fingers larger than the houses, trees, sofas they danced among.

I wish I could see it again.