Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cervantino Day 19: Barry Douglas at Valenciana; next years Inviteds; enjoying life in the Press Room

2013 version of The Great Gate of Kiev;
only four of Hartmannn's paintings still exist
The Festival's final event for me, except for viewing the closing fireworks from my street, was Barry Douglas's performance of Moussorgsky's Pictures from an Exhibition. This has been an extraordinary year for the piece at the festival: The Peking Symphony playing Ravel's orchestral version, Douglas playing Moussorgsky's original piano composition, and the Mexican artist Fabricio Vandenbroeck's set of ten black and white prints recreating the themes of Viktor Hartmann'ns work that led Moussorgsky to compose the piece in his memory.

Barry Douglas, arguabably the hardest working musician at the Cervantino with four different concerts under his belt including the whole cycle of Beethoven piano concertos, is to play Brahms and, Schubert during the first half of the concert at Valenciana. With a no-nonsense manner, he gets down to work.

Douglas at his Steinway piano /FIC 41 Claudia Reyes photos of Douglas
Pleased indeed at the audience's appreciation of the Brahms pieces

After ten minutes in the sunshine, the audience comes back into the church,many of us ready to hear one of our favorite pieces. I never knew it could sound like this, with bell-like notes coming from the piano. Each time the Promenade theme recurs, Douglas plays it differently, to give only one example of his interpretive
and technical mastery.

                                          An unforgettable ending to a memorable Cervantino.

BREAKING NEWS: Next year, Japan will be the invited country and Nueva Leon the invited state.

And here are a few shots of the last hours in the press room where people were sitting  over comida without rushing.and when the security guards eased their standards to let a child and a puppy through.

Last time eating lunch together in the comedor

Photographer Claudia about to stage a photo op

A few minutes ago she was "typing"